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Come January, the city of Sydney is alive and vibrant with an array of artistic and cultural performances. Art, music and dance lovers of Sydney thrill to the performances of stars and celebrities from all over the world. The festival is so famous that international tourists visit the city in multitudes during this period.

This year has been no exception. The second week of January saw the atmosphere in and around Sydney Opera House charged with the passion of Brazilian dance and music as Bale de Rua presented to Sydney the magical combination of amazing dance movements, reverberating percussion and arousing festival

The mesmerising and powerful voice of the one and only Al Green and the message of his music transported his fans to a world of love and happiness, evoking delightful pangs of nostalgia!

On the 16th of January, the hearts of the crowds that overflew the Parramatta Park were throbbing in rhythm to the music of the Slumdog Millionaire fame, A. R. Rahman. His music had both Western and Eastern flavours that were devoured by the visitors who came from both parts of the world!

Sydney thrills to the breathtaking performances of great performers from different fields of art and culture during the summer month of January which is generally a month of holiday, fun and relaxation.

The festival stretches across almost the entire month, from January 9th to the 30th. So those who have missed out on the opening notes of the Sydney Festival can still join in on the closing refrains!

Enjoy Australia Day on a Sydney Harbour Cruise!

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The most exciting events of the Australia Day are around the Sydney Harbour and the most exciting place to celebrate the Australia Day in Sydney is on a harbour cruise!australia day kids

The Ferrython, which is the race of the First Fleet ferries, has been thrilling the Sydneysiders and tourists alike for more than thirty years! The race begins near the Sydney Opera House. The firing of the ancient cannon at the historical Fort Denison signals the start of the race. From here the ferries plunge forward towards Watson’s Bay around the Shark Island to return to the finishing line under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A harbour cruise takes one so close to the race that one can cheer the ferries on and feel the thrill of the race in one’s bones! Winning the title is a source of great pride and so the battle for it gets tougher every year!

Another colourful event of the Australia Day on the Sydney Harbour is the Australia Day Parade. This is a display of all kinds of watercraft parading the harbour, decked out in their best! The parade begins from under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and cruising past the Sydney Opera House and Clark Island to Bradley’s Head, turns back to the Harbour Bridge. There are prizes for the best dressed charter boat, the best dressed small boat, the best dressed working boat, the best display of flag, the best overall display, the best theme, etc. Winning and keeping these prizes is a matter of great honour and the vessels plan well in advance and vie with each other in a friendly spirit to win new titles and to hold on to their old ones! The cruises allow close view of the parade and close scrutiny of the vessels so that viewers can compete with each other while making their own judgement as to which vessels should take away the prizes!australia day harbour ballroom

The aerial display of the expert RAAF pilots has been a favourite with the crowds that throng the harbour on Australia Day every year! There is no better vantage point than an open deck of a cruise to watch the amazing precision with which the aeroplanes would plunge down and then fly out! Performances on parachutes and rescue acts are some of the other highlights of the event.

The Tall Ships race brings with it a bit of nostalgia and some adventure! While it is interesting to watch the crew struggling against the wind to accomplish the amazing feat of setting sails, there are few sights more magnificent and beautiful than a tall ship in full sail! And what’s more, being on a tall ship cruise that is part of the race allows you to be right at the centre of action! The race begins at Bradley’s Head and finishes under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Australia Day Regatta includes events for all kinds of yachts — the modern, state-of-the art head turners as well as the quaint, old-fashioned beauties! The chance to see them all in a beautiful array comes once a year – on the Australia Day on the Sydney Harbour!
The dramatic day concludes with spectacular fireworks. The burst of colour and light across the dark skies over the glittering waters of the harbour is a picture that every visitor takes home and a sight every spectator cherishes in his or her memory until the Aussie Day next year!fireworks-night

Ahoy there mates! It’s Australia Day again!

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Come January, Sydney gears up for another rocking Australia Day!

For more than a period of three decades, the most popular festivities of Australia Day have concentrated around the Sydney Harbour and the most popular event during this entire period of time has been the Ferrython. The Ferrython, the famous race of the First Fleet ferries, like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, has now become iconic of the nation as well as the city of Sydney. People throng the harbour on this day to watch and cheer the Fleet in true Aussie spirit.

Adding colour to the spirit is the Australia Day Parade, where various watercraft, including boats, ferries, barges, tall ships, yachts and cranes, dressed up to their best, vie for the title of the Best Dressed Vessel.

The awesome aerial display of the Royal Australian Air Force has also been a very popular feature that the Australians have proudly looked forward to over the years, proclaiming their national spirit.

The night sees the festivities conclude in a glorious finale with spectacular fireworks that burst in different colours and designs across the Sydney sky.

The Sydney Harbour being the hub of activity, there is no better place than a cruise boat to experience the full excitement of the day. There are lunch cruises, dinner cruises, Ferrython cruises and fireworks cruises, to name a few, that take you close to where all the action is. The Magistic Cruises and the Sydney Showboats provide uninterrupted view of the harbour events from their expansive decks, along with reserved seating in air-conditioned surroundings, not to mention freshly prepared choice food. The Showboats dinner cruise presents live entertainment also featuring dance, music, magic and fun! The Tall Ships provide fun as well as adventure as you get to participate in the Tall Ships race too!

These cruises sell out fast and quick every year. So check out and book yours, mate, or you will miss the boat!
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