Warm welcome to Aussie teen hero Jessica Watson!

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After sailing across the world unassisted for seven months, Aussie teen solo sailor Jessica Watson will cruise back into the Sydney Harbour and into the hearts of the awaiting millions on May 15, 2010!

At the outset of and during the seven-month adventure, the storms the 16-year-old faced were too many, both on land and at sea! While on the one hand her eligibility to sail solo had been questioned, on the other her route was found to have fallen short of approved guidelines for such an endeavour! Occasionally, roaring wild waters also rose up to test the young girl’s prowess at the wheel!

Nevertheless, Jessica has sailed smoothly over all rude waves to achieve her dream of being the first girl under 17 to have sailed non-stop across the world unassisted! And she does not only her family, friends and supporters but also the whole of Australia proud!

She will set her dauntless foot on the grounds of the Sydney Opera House for the first time after seven months of being at sea! Her roughened hands would leave the wheel and the ropes of her vessel for the first time in seven months to be caressed by the Sydney air! And for the time being, she can stay away from the needles and the wind-worn tears in her sails to nurse her raw, hurting blisters!

As millions will line up the shores of the Sydney Harbour on this historic day, thousands others would venture further on to the harbour on cruise boats to catch a closer glimpse of the young hero!

Magistic Cruises, the Official Cruise to welcome Jessica Watson, will contribute 50% of the returns from this cruise to the teen hero in recognition of her courage and spirit and to assist her in the purchase of her vessel! At $20 for adults and $10 for kids, Magistic Cruises makes it easy for us to chip in our wee bit to show our support and encouragement to this young darling of Australia!

Like the tens of thousands of others I am also gearing up to buy, beg, borrow or steal a pass to be able to watch this young wonder-girl sail into the Sydney waters – to watch her close – to see that she’s real!

Christmas time in Darling Harbour

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Christmas festivities in Darling Harbour are absolutely fun, fascinating and free! The celebrations begin on November 28, Saturday. Darling Harbour will have the tallest Christmas tree in Sydney, standing magnificently tall at 21 metres.

The Family Christmas Concert will present all the popular Christmas songs, and Santa Claus’ arrival towards the finale of the concert will add to the festive fun! The lighting of the giant tree will be done by a child from Starlight Children’s Foundation during the concert. Christmas Carols by the Tree will feature the live performance of traditional carols by the city’s best a cappella groups. Spectacular fireworks over the Cockle Bay on the Christmas Eve would add magic to the splendour!

If you are thinking beyond the free entertainment of the season, Darling Harbour is ideal for its shopping and sightseeing opportunities. The place is famous for its shops that sell artefacts, semi-precious stones and other curios. The National Maritime Museum, the Power House Museum, the Sydney Aquarium and the Sydney Wildlife World are worth a visit any time of the year.

The Harbourside would be the best place to pleasantly while away your time with its cluster of shops and eating places in the setting of the harbour. Cruising around the harbour would be a better way to experience the harbour. A  showboat cruise with its total package of entertainment,  sightseeing and five-star dining experience would be your best bet for the ultimate harbour experience and total value for money!

Catch the spirit of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race!

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The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starting on the Boxing Day every year is known to be one of the toughest long ocean races. It wouldn’t be wrong to note that Boxing Day in Sydney is almost synonymous with the yacht race! It is a major summer sport of Australia that attracts viewers and contestants from the different parts of the world, not to mention the media!


The race starts at Sydney Harbour attracting spectators who gather in large numbers along the shore as well as on cruise boats and other vessels. Helicopters hover at a distance above the contesting fleet to catch the excitement of the race for the various visual media around the world.

Cruise boats provide special cruises on this day providing also the best vantage points to view the beginning of the race. Aboard the Sydney Showboat, one can cruise around the Sydney Harbour and catch the spirit of the race as the crews of contesting yachts warm up for this world-famous event, and view the start at close quarters.  The luxury cruise boats of Magistic Cruises are chartered exclusively by private groups to watch and share the thrill of the sport.

The cruises take you near where all the action is allowing you to experience the actual excitement of the race! And the delicious seafood buffet freshly prepared onboard adds to the joy of the ride!

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