Breakfast on the world’s most famous bridge

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As one of the most exceptional events of Crave Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the world’s most famous and one of the world’s most easily recognized icons, will become a picnic location for about 6,000 people from around Sydney and even far away. This event, a declaration of the amazing attitude and lifestyle of Sydney and its people, happens on October 25, Sunday. Multitudes of fun-loving people, in an expression of celebration of life, will pack loads of yummy delights into their picnic baskets, fold their rugs under their arms and pick whatever they can to add to their fun and go on a picnic to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They will share their food, their happiness, fun and laughter and do everything else that folks enjoy doing on a picnic such as just lying back and relaxing, or perhaps reading a book or playing a few games with others on the bridge, and they will enjoy the exhilaration and feel proud of being part of the incredible event.

Sydney Harbor Bridge
The sad news is that the organisers have announced the registrations to have now closed. If you have registered and if you are lucky to be chosen as one of the 6,000 participants of the event, you will be notified of it by October 12, 2009. The happy news is that the fun doesn’t have to end with the breakfast. You can carry the excitement further with a lunch cruise or a dinner cruise around the Sydney Harbour, or a cruise on one of the spectacular showboats for a whole package of food, fun and entertainment!

Dinner and romance and a harbour cruise

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A cosy twosome and a delicious dinner on a majestic cruise over the sparkling, shimmering waters of the Sydney Harbour is a sure-fire recipe for romance.

Past the quaint charm of the Opera House and beyond the picture-postcard beauty of the Harbour Bridge – the cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The conventional attractions of the shores cannot give you the excitement of this night-out on a cruise on the harbour. The far-away lights of the city, the luxury of the cruise, and the enchantment of a stroll on the deck right under the stars provides a joy that is unparalleled on land.

The beauty of the Opera House with its shells lit up by the moon, with the Harbour Bridge watching over with its magnificent charm, is a vision that has to be seen to be believed. Photographs cannot give one the experience of the coolness of the breeze, the seductiveness of the waves and the romance of the night!

Add to it the flavour of the wine and the taste of the food, and the night is made perfect. If you happen to be in Sydney, don’t miss the Sydney Harbour and the excitement of a Sydney harbour cruise.

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