Lots o’ fun in store for Christmas in Sydney!

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Christmas is in the air in Sydney what with folks shopping, planning and generally getting ready for Christmas. The Town Hall will be lit up for four weeks reflecting the festive mood of the season. Wattle blossoms, kookaburras, blue bottles, flying foxes and echidnas –the images of Australia will be projected in a cycle on the magnificent facade of the Town Hall for twelve days to add to the colour and the general carnival atmosphere of the city!

The giant Christmas tree (21 metres tall) will be lit up with around 58,000 LED lights and over 300 seven pointed stars spreading the joy and spirit of Christmas!

Kids’ favourite entertainment shows will be performed live, and with Santa, carols, music, jazz bands and all, the season of Christmas is a season of fun for kids in Sydney! It’s, however, not just kids that have all the fun. There are numerous events for Christmas for the young and the youthful and all the rest! The fireworks are just about everybody’s favourite and while enjoying the fireworks of Christmas, folks at Sydney gear up for the fabulous fireworks of the New Year’s Eve that Sydney is famous for! Other options are dining, dancing and cruising – all with a dash of romance, of course!

Like everything else in Sydney, Christmas celebrations , with their Australian themes and Sydney attitude, have that special tang that is unique to Sydney!

Sydney New Year’s Eve – A message of health, happiness and harmony

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Sydney New Year’s Eve is the world’s most-watched New Year’s Eve show. It is also the most televised New Year’s Eve celebration in the world.

The harbour looks the most beautiful on New Year’s Eve with all the lighting arrangements on the bridge and all around the harbour. The Harbour of Light Parade with its fleet of vessels decorated in ropelight design sends a message of its own! Being part of the Parade is the surest way of experiencing the excitement and joy of the Eve.
As the day draws near, the world and the media across the world wait in breathless anticipation to watch the lighting, the fireworks and the ‘bridge effect’ that would usher in the New Year in Sydney.

The synchronised fireworks and lighting of Sydney New Year’s Eve send out to the world more messages than one. Its past messages of peace, love, creation, etc have been watched, discussed, televised, written about and sighed over by the entire world every year!

While the ‘bridge effect’ and lighting presents a novel and positive message every year, the 15 months of thoughtful planning, rigorous effort and coordinated work proclaim and celebrate the industry and attitude of the people of the smallest and the youngest continent on earth!

Last but not at all the least, the GreenPower that powers the event and the green fireworks, spread a clear and prompt message of safety and health to one and all!

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