Christmas in July

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In Sydney, Christmas is never in winter! No snow, no snowman, no turkey and no family gathering around a fireplace! It is full of colours – the colours of the beach and the bright canopies, the colours of the nature and the outdoors, the colours of a clear sky and a sparkling harbour! And it is all about a seafood feast or a barbecue, hardly turkey! Unlike other western countries, ours is always a summer Christmas.

Christmas Cruises Sydney Harbour

Though we in Sydney are lucky that we can enjoy our beautiful outdoors almost throughout the year, I have always wondered what it would be like if we had a white Christmas! What it would be like to have the whole family sit around a table for a Christmas feast when it is chilling cold outside! What it would be like to share and enjoy a traditional turkey instead of the seafood (yummy as it is!).

And come to think of it, why not have the best of both – a Christmas that is outdoors as well as indoors – for, Sydney is equally beautiful both in winter and summer! The Sydney Harbour looks absolutely fresh and incredibly pretty! Maybe a Christmas feast with family on a Sydney Harbour cruise is not a bad idea! In fact, cool! Hire a deck on a luxurious cruise, or hire the whole boat if the entire family is game, and get a Christmas lunch or dinner organised! With all the works of a white Christmas! Will have to make do without the fireplace though, but that’s no worry as the cruise interiors are temperature controlled! Besides, this is the right time for some great photography, so shall freeze the beautiful memory forever!

Well… I think I can hear the jingling bells!

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