All for a laugh

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Sydney’s Cockatoo Island will turn out to be the world’s funniest island on October 17 and 18, 2009 with a two-day comedy festival presented on the island by the world’s cleverest comedians with their wittiest humour and most hilarious tricks.

The festival is for all those who wish to forget the stressors of normal life at least for a day or two. Besides comedy, the festival also presents tasteful fare for music and art lovers.

And when you have laughed till your bellies ache and your energy is all spent, boost yourselves up at the food stalls and the cool bars! Or fuel yourselves up with food and wine on one of the cruises that take you around the harbour ! Or just let the showboats pamper you with their music, food and wine!

And so off to Cockatoo where only laughter can make you cry!

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