Sydney’s Aboriginal art

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If you are art-savvy and love the quaint works of art of yore, Sydney is the place where you should be in.

The Aboriginal art which almost died out since European invasion, has resurrected today, thanks to the efforts and interests of the aesthetically inclined and art lovers of the city!

Sydney celebrates its Aboriginal art through several events and festivals organized for the merest of an excuse at the drop of a hat! These are kept alive by the likes of you and me who throng these venues!

Aboriginal art, as evidenced by the rock engravings and rock paintings, centred on themes and subjects related to the sea such as whales, sharks and different kinds of fish. However, today the Aboriginal art of Sydney has undergone much evolution though it has preserved its essence of tradition. The art uses modern methods of creation and presentation while themes and effects reflect the richness of cultural heritage.

Taste even a bit of this cultural art, and you would be left yearning for more!

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